We are Eight in the Middle. A group of young professionals with an eye for aesthetics, a mindset for strategy and a belief that creativity lies at the heart of every great endeavour.

Whether it's a dynamic website, a user-friendly app or a beautiful piece of print communication, we strive to create great looking designs for the most effective medium.

We are great listeners. We know that the best creative output is born from listening carefully to our clients’ needs, preferences and goals.

We are talented. A diverse team of designers, strategists, developers and copywriters working together. We tackle any project, confident we have the creative energy to fuel it from concept to delivery.

We are Londoners. Like the city we love and inhabit, we are global and have partnered with clients from every corner of the world. Even though we have never met some of our clients face-to-face, we utilise the best of digital communication to stay connected no matter where opportunity and inspiration strike.

If you want to inject your next project with a dose of creativity to stand out from the crowd and create a competitive advantage, get in touch with us today. We would love to meet you.

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